Mission & Vision


To establish DOE, ADDC and AADC as trusted advisors to their customers, helping them to understand the impact of their use of electricity and water on the country and the environment and to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the efficient and sustainable use of these important resources.


To interact with all classes of customers, using various relevant communication channels, in order to provide guidance on the efficient and effective use of electricity and water, encouraging and supporting them to adopt measures that will result in more efficient use of these resources, and thereby achieving targeted levels of demand reduction.


Reduce consumption per Capita by 20% by 2030

Which Equates to:

  • The Annual Electric consumption of over 107,000 villas
  • The peak output of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Unit #1
  • Enough water each year to fill 67,600 Olympic swimming pools
  • Reduced GHG emissions equal to taking over 808,000 cars off the road