Air Conditioning


Tarsheed is offering Emirati customers a subsidised A/C upgrade that will reduce their electricity consumption and cost while having a less harmful impact on the environment.

“The Green A/C Savings”programme provides our customers with:

  • An increased upfront discount of 500AED on the unit
  • Better long-term energy efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Cooler air
  • 5-year warranty on the A/C compressor

So, why make the upgrade?

Your new Green A/C will not only consume less electricity and reduce your bill, it will also lower your carbon footprint.

You and your family will not only be able to enjoy refreshingly cool air but also benefit from long-term cost saving, all while having a positive effect on the planet.

List of approved A/C units (TBC)

List of applicable models available from your approved retailer

List of participating retailers

Lulu Hypermarket branches:

  • LH WTC
  • LH Khalidiyah
  • LH Bada Zayed
  • LH Mazyad Mall
  • LH Al Wahda Mall
  • LH Baniyas
  • LH Mushrif
  • LH M. Zayed
  • LH Capital Mall
  • LH Khalifa City
  • LH Ruwais
  • LH Ghayathi

Eligibility criteria to qualify for this programme:

  • You need to be a UAE national
  • A residential local tariff with ADDC
  • Looking to replace an existing A/C unit at the address with the residential local tariff plan

Steps to avail yourself of the offer:

To upgrade your A/C unit with the “Green A/C Savings” programme, follow the below steps:

1. Visit a branch of Lulu Hypermarket offering “Green A/C Savings”.

2. Ask for the “Green A/C Savings offer”.

3. Select one of the ADDC approved A/C models

4. Verify your eligibility with your Emirates ID.

5. Receive the “Green A/C Savings” discount on the purchase price for your new unit.

6. Arrange your A/C installation with the approved supplier. Please note that the A/C unit will only be installed at the location currently listed under the residential local tariff plan.

  • Regular A/C maintenance and monthly filter cleaning can reduce energy consumption.
  • Set your A/C at 24°C.
  • Make sure that your house has proper insulationThis will help keep the cool air in and the hot air out.
  • Cranking down the thermostat will not cool your home down faster. Adjusting the thermostat gradually is the best way